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Over 300 of you report impact of cuts

First of all, let me say a big thank you.

Thank you for responding so well to the RCM’s appeal for information about what is happening on the frontlines as a result of tightening budgets and spending cuts. So far over 300 of you from right across the country have used the Protect Maternity Services website to tell us what’s happening in your area. We have heard about student midwives with disappearing job offers, birth centres that have to close their doors too often, midwifery posts under threat or being cut, and much more.

At the moment we are making our way through these worrying reports. We will use the hardest hitting stories to publicise the stresses and strains that maternity services are under, and to show the Government that they are being complacent when it comes to the impact of their decisions. With the number of births continuing to rise, the need for more midwives and better maternity care is non-negotiable.

Rest assured however, that your confidentiality will be protected. We may approach you to ask if it is OK to use a first name and a vague geographical area to maintain the impact of your report (e.g. “Pat from Yorkshire told us…”), but even that would only be done with your permission.

Please do keep letting the RCM know what is happening on the frontline so that we can do our best for you. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to hearing your stories.